Sustainable Coffee Cup

Sustainable Coffee Cup


We are excited to be partnering with Weave Youth & Community Services and selling their limited edition #weavesurvivaltips Frank Green sustainable cup.

Cut down on single-use waste while you use a stylish and environmentally friendly smart cup that can even make cashless payments direct from the cup itself!

All money raised will go back to Weave Youth & Community Services to keep running programs that promote mental health and wellbeing for young people.

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About Weave

Weave Youth & Community Services is a for purpose organisation that empowers people to change their lives. For 40 years Weave provides a way up and a way forward to children, young people, women and families that experience complex issues such as: poverty, disadvantage, homelessness, family breakdown, mental health and substance use issues.

Weave Survival Tips Campaign - #WeaveSurvivalTips

#WeaveSurvivalTips is a campaign that raises awareness about mental health and wellbeing. It acknowledges that every single person, no matter who you are or where you come from, goes through tough times during life, and that these tough times impact on people's mental health.

The campaign aims to unite people of all ages and backgrounds to join in an experience of sharing 'tips" (messages) of the things they might do and things they might think about that helps through tough times. What are the small things that make a big difference? They are messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement. Every year Weave partners with local cafes to replace their normal takeaway coffee cups with cups that feature #WeaveSurvivalTips encouraging more people to think about what they do to get through tough times. This year the cups are the uber cool and environmentally Frank Green smart cups.