Raw NY Cheezecake

Raw NY Cheezecake

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NY Cheezecake

Our raw vegan take on the classic NY cheesecake, topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

Cashews, dates, strawberries, lemon, coconut oil, natvia, desiccated coconut, almonds, walnuts & love

Size Guide:
(20 cm, round) cuts into 12 slices
(23 cm, round) cuts into 16 slices
(24 cm, round) cuts into 20 slices
(20 cm, square) cuts into 16 slices
(30 cm, square) cuts into 36 slices
(27 cm, rectangle) cuts into 15 slices

Organic. Raw. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Refined Sugar-Free. Keto. Diabetic-Friendly. Low-Carb. Hand-Made With Love

Please note that our cakes are hand made with love and no two cakes will look the same. They will be super beautiful, delicious and decorated with a lot of care, but it may not look exactly like the photo. We hope you enjoy our one of a kind creations.