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Sadhana is Sanskrit for “conscious spiritual practice”. At Sadhana Kitchen, we believe that what we eat each day should be an important part of our daily ritual. That’s why we do everything that we can to make sure that from ground to plate, every single link in the chain is as good for you, good for the animals and good for the planet as possible.

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To make innovative, nutritious and delicious plant-based wholefoods accessible to as many people as possible, whilst contributing to the happiness and freedom of all beings by taking positive action towards regenerating our planet. We do this by providing healthy, delicious & sustainable food choices that are good for the planet and the people.



  • All our items are made with 100% plant-based wholefoods to ensure that you have access to the most bioavailable and digestible nutrients.
  • Where possible, we use organic and pesticide free produce so that our food is free from harmful toxins, additives and chemicals.
  • We make our own ferments like sauerkraut, kim chi and coconut yoghurt to promote good gut health and aid in digestion.
  • We activated our nuts and seeds so that they are easily digested by the body.
  • We use potent superfoods like cacao, maca, mesquite, lucuma, reishi and chaga to super charge our beverages and turn them into highly nutritious tonics and elixirs.
  • We cook with coconut oil and use healthy fats like avocado, chia seeds and cold pressed olive oil raw so that they don’t cause inflammation in the body.


  • We serve 100% plant based wholefoods because they’re delicious and good for you but also because the animal agriculture industry accounts for 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 13% from the entire transport sector (that’s all cars, trucks, trains and planes).
  • We run weekly sunrise meditations followed by a Bondi Beach clean-up while we all enjoy some Sacred Cacao.
  • We use recyclable paper packaging wherever possible and limit use of all plastic.
  • We encourage BYO re-usable containers by providing a 10% discount to everyone who brings their own takeaway cups and containers.
  • We make our own plant-mylks and sauces in house for the taste & nutrition but also to reduce our need for packaging
  • Our toilet paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper


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  • We believe that all beings, everywhere, without discrimination, have the right to be happy and free. This includes our animal friends too! That’s why we don’t eat them 
  • We are registered as a LGBTI Safe Place through ACON which means we are welcoming, supporting and actively engaged with the LGBTI community.
  • Our working culture is that of transparency, honesty, accountability, clear and kind communication and compassion. We hold ourselves and one another accountable for upholding our values and working towards our mission.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind
  • We encourage our staff members and customers alike to practice none-judgement
  • We do whatever we can as a community to raise awareness for issues faced by minority groups
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  • We are passionate about fostering a vibrant and thriving community who share our values and passions so we give back in whatever way we can.
  • We initiate and participant in community activities such as beach clean ups, yoga by donation and meditation by donation so that these practices are as accessible as possible to everyone.
  • We host events, gatherings and parties that aim to connect like-minded people and celebrate life in a mindful way that’s good for everyone and good for our planet.
  • We are family and pet friendly, so you can bring your whole family to enjoy our healthy & delicious treat
  • We cater for like-minded community events from Yoga festivals, Conscious Dance Parties, Vegan & Plant Based events and more
  • We work with like-minded organisations, businesses and people who are all united in our mission


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