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100% plant based wholefoods

By eating a variety of plant-based wholefoods, we can receive the spectrum of vitamins and minerals in the most digestible forms. Using wholefoods that are minimally processed, if at all, also means that our dishes are naturally high in fibre, which is something that is often deficient in the western diet. Fibre helps with the elimination processes of the body, which is essential for absorbing nutrients, sustainable energy levels and feeling light and good!

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We believe in giving you the best of everything, that’s why our water is structured, ionized and alkanized. Ionized water is rich in hydrogen. The electrolysis process splits oxygen from hydrogen leaving you with the most powerful, cell penetrating antioxidant on the planet. Naturally alkalized water hydrates 6 times more effectively than tap or bottled water and assists in regulating the PH balance of the organs.



We change our menu every season so that it’s made from the most vibrant, tasty and nutritious produce available at the time. Eating seasonally is an important part of good health. When we align ourselves with the rhythms of nature, we can benefit from it’s infinite wisdom and intelligence. Foods growing naturally within a season are always more delicious, nutritious and friendly to the environment!


House made from scratch

We make almost everything in house-from scratch. From our hummus, to our hollandaise sauce, to our vegan eggs, banana bread, plant mylks and grawnola. This means we know exactly what’s in it and can make sure that it’s free from harmful toxins and unnecessary additives like refined sugar. The little that we do buy in, like our burger buns and sprouted bread, are from organic, artisan and local suppliers. We love to support like-minded businesses.

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We are all about eating the rainbow. Colours in plant-based wholefoods indicate that they contain beneficial properties. Organic pigments (like carotenoids, which give carrots their orange colour) are potent antioxidants and have protective qualities against diseases such as heart disease and cancer. They are also anti-inflammatory and immune boosting agents. The more nature-made colours we consume, the greater variety of nutrients we receive.


Organic & chemical free 

We do our best to source seasonal organic and pesticide free produce and dry goods. Our fruit and veggies are washed in our ionized water, at PH 2.5 to kill any bacteria and then soaked in PH 11.5 to absorb any trace chemicals that may still be on the produce. Our dream is to grow all our own food! Until then, we are planning our community garden with GrowSpace so we can start with edible flowers and herbs.

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Gluten free

At Sadhana kitchen absolutely everything is gluten free, so if you have gluten sensitivities, you can rest assured that our kitchen is allergen friendly. Symptoms such as chronic diarrhoea or constipation and abdominal pain or bloating, may indicate gluten sensitivities. We make sure we use plant based wholefoods rather than filler ingredients, like rice flours, so that our food is not just gluten-free, but highly nutritious too.


Refined sugar free

Refined sugars such as cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup, have little to no nutritional value and use your owns body’s stores of calcium, B-vitamins and magnesium for their digestion. They also contribute significantly to obesity because refined sugars are converted into glucose for energy and are stored as fat cells if they are unused. We use minimal amounts of refined sugars like maple syrup, coconut sugar and stevia in our sweet treats.



We love to make our own ferments. They are rich in the good bacterias that keep our digestive systems in top shape, aiding in efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients. From our sauerkraut to our kim chi, to our coconut yoghurt, we use lacto-fermentation to create these delicious condiments.



We are super passionate about what we do and make almost everything in-house with our own hands. We believe that we pass on our vibes into the food we create, so we always prepare our food with positive intentions, good vibes and lots of love.