A Few Of Our Favourite Things

The silly season is well and truly upon us. Whatever your belief system, Christmas is a time where we can put even greater focus on the act of giving, being grateful and practicing compassion.

We are firm advocates that one of the best presents we could ever give anyone is our full presence. However the tradition of gift giving is one that can be beautiful, inspiring and educational. Being mindful with our gift choices can give our loved ones the opportunity to incorporate ethical, sustainable and cruelty free products into their daily lives.

There are so many amazing brands out there that really take time and care to create high quality items that are not just practical and beautiful, but also cause the least harm possible. We love supporting these businesses and celebrating their wonderful products that help us contribute positively to our world, whilst going about our daily lives.

We have curated our favourite items that we have tried and tested ourselves. This post is totally not sponsored by the way, but the brands have generously contributed cool stuff that you can win! Make sure to keep up to date with our gram from today to see how you can participate is this epic giveaway.

Here are a few of our favourite things:


  1. In The Soul Shine - Gift Voucher
    Why it's awesome:
    A gift voucher means your lucky gift recipient can pick their fave items to order. All garments and bags are handmade in Bali and all workers get a fair wage. They love their jobs too by the size of their smiles. The designs on the all the shirts and bags are super cute and cheeky, adding a nice spin on the vegan message without it being too pushy or angry. So you can re-prah-zent in the most adorable way. Furthermore, Tanya the founder is a gorgeous vegan momma who turned her idea into a thriving, sustainable and ethical business, and that's super inspiring!
  2. Hurraw - Lip Balm Dosha Set
    Why it's awesome:
    Hurraw lip balms are made from premium raw & organic ingredients. It's one of the best lip balms we've tried because it's long lasting, comes in awesome flavours and really takes care of our lips, keeping them super soft. We always advocate only putting things on your skin that you'd be happy to eat, so Hurraw really fits the bill here! There Dosha collection is based on Ayurvedic Dosha principles, so whether you're Pita, Kapha, Vata or even Tridoshic, you can find balance with these cute, tasty and luscious lip balms.
  3. The Beauty Chef Glow - Inner Beauty Powder & Holiday Boost
    Why it's awesome:
    The Beauty Chef's products are formulated with love by founder Carla Oates who believes that smooth, radiant skin is an inside-out process and that begins in your belly. That's why her products are all made from organic wholefoods that have been biofermented so they're full of prebiotics and probiotics for healthy and glowing skin. Glow is an award winning formula that supports gut health, collagen synthesis and beautiful skin, hair and nails from the inside out. The cute Holiday Boost trio contains 3 x 100ml Inner Beauty Boosts that can amplify the effects of Glow inner beauty powder, and their little size means they're handy for taking on the road.
  4. The Chocolate Yogi - The Works Christmas Gift Hamper
    Why it's awesome:
    The Chocolate Yogi is a Sydney-based chocolate company ran by Malindi & Ed. Their story is remarkable, starting out with no capital, raising it in a day and then organically growing their business. The Chocolate Yogi is a great example of a social enterprise, they donate 10 cents from every bar to Sea Shepherd and now they're supporting The Orangutan Project by donating 5 cents of every cute Oscar bar sold (He's the sweet orangutan on their ape shaped chocolates). The best part is this chocolate is organic, raw, vegan and stone ground so it's crazy delicious. They're also dairy free, gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free, caffeine free, palm oil free, allergy friendly, low GI and of course, vegan!
  5. Ere Perez - Sadhana's Top Picks For A Beauty Essentials Kit
    Why it's awesome:
    This gift is epic! We have hand pick our favourite products that will help boost your natural, healthy radiance. Ere Perez cosmetics are cruelty free, completely vegan, and made with sustainably sourced natural ingredients that are good for your skin. We use it every day and the products apply nicely, feel amazing on the skin, look beautiful and is long lasting. Best of all, it's nourishing the skin rather than masking it and not letting it breathe. Our hand selected beauty essentials kit comprises of:
    Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar
    Arnica Concealer
    Carrot Colour Pot
    Avocado Waterproof Mascara
    Vanilla Highlighter
    Eco Vegan Blush & Bronze Brush
    Eco Vegan Lip and Conceal Brush
  6. Live Whole Yoga - Eco Yoga Mat
    Why it's awesome:
    Live Whole Yoga mats combine naturally tapped tree rubber with coconut husk fibre to create a beautiful and sustainable yoga mat. Unlike a lot of yoga mats on the market which are made with harmful chemical compounds that are terrible for your health and that of the environment, these eco yoga mats are 100% chemical free, fair trade and made from organic resources. The combination of the two fibres makes Live Whole Yoga mats durable and biodegradable. On a practical note, they're super grippy and have a nice thickness so you can practice comfortably anywhere. Founders Dayne & Crystal also give back with some proceeds from every mat sold going towards purchasing acres of land for conservation through The Rainforest Trust. Their vision and motto is to "CREATE A GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR A SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW." And we think is pretty badass!
  7. Pukka  - The Herbal Collection Gift Set
    Why it's awesome:
    Pukka teas are formulated using the highest quality organic and ethically sourced herbs. Pukka’s Co-Founders Tim and Sebastian believe that if they use the best quality herbs, blended and sourced in the right way, they could connect millions of people with the power of plants and the wisdom of nature. And boy have they done that! Pukka's beautiful and bright packaging can be found in most organic grocers. As a company, Pukka is mega inspiring. They're a certified B Company meaning they use the power of business so solve social and environmental problems, they're certified Fair For Life & they donate 1% of their turnover to environmental and social issues. The Herbal Collection is a good place to start your tea adventure. It contains 5 award winning blends for 5 different flavour experiences and applications.
  8. EcoCoconut - Eco Brushes & Scourers
    Why it's awesome:
    EcoCoconut was created to give people the opportunity to choose biodegradable and sustainable coconut- based products over plastic. Their products are both functional and beautiful. The best part is this company is pioneering the plastic free movement with a range of biodegradable coconut based products for your home, body and life. The coconut is an organic resource that allows EcoCoconut to create a range products that are a natural and sustainable alternative to the plastic products you would normally use day to day. They don't even use plastic in their packaging and thats music to our ears because we are all about that plastic-free life!
  9. Gigi Pizza - Dinner For Two
    Why it's awesome:
    Anyone who's ever been to Gigi Pizza will no doubt have loads to say about how freaking amazing their dining experience was. In our opinion, they don't just make the best vegan pizza's in town, but some of the best pizza and food hands down! It all comes down to high quality and fresh ingredients, expertly crafted, prepared and cooked by a passionate team headed by Marco Matino. Gigi is one of very few pizzerias who are a member of the AVPN (the ‘Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana’ AKA ‘True Neapolitan Pizza Association’). In short, this means that Gigi adheres to its incredibly specific regulations, including hand-stretched dough, cooked in a wood-fire oven and served with traditional toppings just like the OG version from Napoli. Treat your babe to an epic feast here and the night is bound to end really well for everyone involved.

  10. Hot Tresses - Travel Kit
    Why it's awesome:
    Hot Tresses is rehab for your hair. A lot of us have been over shampooing, heat styling, colouring and generally damaging our tresses for a long time. These products combine natural organic botanical ingredients with easily absorbable vegan proteins and carefully selected vitamin supplements. The quantity of each ingredient is perfectly balanced to so that the product is effective in cleansing, unraveling, healing and smoothing locks. The goal is to uncover the best version of your natural hair. Rather than heat styling to either straighten or curl, Hot Tresses encourages us to embrace the natural beauty of our hair for long-term health. We've used their products and damn, they really work. After a few washes, it becomes apparent how much good it's doing for your tresses with our locks becoming noticeably shinier and softer. The handy travel kit also means you can take it with you wherever you go.

  11. First Base - Gift Voucher
    Why it's awesome:
    First Base's high performance active wear is made from 78% recycled fibres and their other clothing is made with organic cotton. They believe in the philosophy "It's all the little things we do as individuals and teams that will add up to something big" So founder Alison Cotton has made sure that all aspects of her operations are ethical and contributing in as many ways as possible to sustainability The factories that manufacture their clothing are all WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production) compliant and in their office, they use eco and recycled products and are mindful of their energy consumption. Their #itscooltobekind initiative is inspiring others to think, share and change. Apart from being an awesome company, First Base's products are damn good looking too. Their aesthetic is simple, functional and effortlessly cool. Their designs are perfect for going from gym to street without over doing the "activewear" vibe. 
  12. Sadhana Kitchen - The Naked Vegan
    Why it's awesome:
    This (un)cookbook by Sadhana kitchen founder Maz Valcorza is packed with 148 organic, raw and vegan recipes that also happen to be refined sugar free and gluten free too! Sadhana's secret recipes like our famous Coconut Bacon, Raw Lasagne, Mango Float Cheezecake and Raw Tacos can now be part of your weekly at-home dining experience. There's a bunch of handy tips in there too, along with information on pantry and equipment essentials and exactly why raw food is so awesome and good for you. This really is a gift that will keep on giving, one delicious bite at a time.

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