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ABOUT sadhana kitchen

Sadhana Kitchen began as Sydney’s first organic, vegan, wholefoods and raw food eatery. Opening in April 2012 in the inner-west suburb of Newtown and eventually expanding into Bondi Beach, Sadhana Kitchen served delicious organic and plant based wholefoods to Sydney-siders for 5.5 years. Sadhana means conscious spiritual practice in sanskrit and we believe that every choice we make is an opportunity to take positive action each day. We believe our daily ritual can allow us to enrich our lives and take care of our planet. In late October 2016, Sadhana closed it's cafe doors and transitioned into an online platform that helps inspire people to contribute towards the happiness and freedom of all beings.



Previously a registered nurse, Maz left her career in pharmaceutical sales to open Sadhana Kitchen, Sydney’s first organic, vegan, wholefoods and raw food eatery. Author of Uncooked & The Naked Vegan, she has been working with healthy vegan and allergy friendly foods for the last 5.5 years. Maz is passionate about sharing accessible ways to create a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. One that is as good for you, as it is for other beings and our planet as well.  Maz develops, styles and shoots all of her recipes and has worked with many brands in the areas of recipe development, writing, speaking, presenting, consultation, food styling & food photography. Find out more here.




At Sadhana Kitchen, we love food and want to make it easy and delicious for you to prepare organic, plant-based wholefoods at home. We believe that eating a seasonal plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways to improve our own health and that of our planet. We are regularly developing recipes that are suitable to different types of eating plans ranging from ketogenic (or as we like to call it Veto) to high-carb low-fat. Every single thing we create for you is always vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free and made with love. We're all about providing healthy, mouth watering recipes for you to enjoy and share. Our recipes are intended to bring about a better world, one delicious bite at a time.



We live our lives according to our values of compassion and kindness for all beings, without discrimination. Ahimsa which is sanskrit for "non-violence" is something we are mindful of in every moment. We are here to help you live healthy and happy lives that also contribute positively to the happiness and freedom of all beings. We strive to curate, create and share high quality content that is inspiring, informative, educational, relevant and useful. We are joyfully practicing what we preach and everything we share with you is a genuine reflection of what inspires us, our experience & our learnings. Thank you for helping us to create a kinder, healthier and happier world.